Melanie Dedigama speaker : it clashe moms stars who exposes their baby

Melanie Dedigama will not do anything like the other ! Pregnant with her first child, it is with great seriousness that it intends to begin this new role of his life. That is why, not the question for her and her companion Vincent overexpose their baby. During a video confessions posted on YouTube, the couple has made it known that there would be no issue, dedicated to the delivery of the young woman revealed in Secret Story. “How can you ask me that question ?, request Melanie taken aback. This is the time the most intimate part of your life !” Away from chewing his words, she continued taclant candidates of reality shows that have taken this direction, as Manon Marsault gold Carla Moreau. “Those who do it, they are completely and**** of the jar !

In the Face of the annoyance of his sweetheart, Vincent wished to appease. If it is obviously against the fact of inviting cameras the most beautiful day of his life, he recognizes that this choice belongs to everyone. “Everyone does what he wants, but we, in any case, it is not part of our values.” But this will not be enough to calm the ardor of Melanie, which persists and signs : “but it is above all, obey me ! This is inconceivable ! People are going to see the head of my baby before me ?! It is not possible, that !” In its momentum, the form of Bastien Grimal even considers “that it is not very responsible for doing a reality tv show with a baby“. A note that should probably revive the debate around the issue. “We don’t know today what it’s going to give, a baby in tv from a young age, we do not know the impact. So when in doubt, we prefer not to do it, “concludes Vincent.

The tone is the same when it comes to knowing if their baby will be the star of their social networks. “Frankly, we did not even thought about. We don’t set a business plan in relation to all of this, “quipped Melanie. “I think this is a real issue because at this point, there is a lot of controversy with respect to this. Already, you see, our everyday life, we don’t show everything. And for the baby, this will be the same. The main thing is that he is well, and that it is protected from all of that, because he has not asked, “related Vincent, always more measured. And to clarify : “We will show a little bit, but it does not account Instagram.” This is said !

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