Miss Belgium 2020, the contest is rigged ? A candidate railed

Saturday 11 January 2020 was the election of Miss Belgium 2020, at Proximus Theater in The Crash. Year election won by Céline Van Ouytsel (Miss Antwerp), a young woman of 23 years holder of a law degree. And it was not simply marked the competition with his victory, but also for its fall memorable on stage and her bra that fell. Anyway, for several weeks, 32 beauty queens are prepared for this big evening. Purpose, according to one of the young women, this was unnecessary because the contest is rigged.

Cindy Wetzels, 23 years old, is entrusted to the site Sudinfo. And the young woman, who has not gone beyond the first round, has apparently not digested his victory. “It is a charade. The parade has been for nothing. Everything was set in advance. I would say to future candidates never participate“, she explained to our colleagues. For the time being, the organizing committee has not yet responded to these statements.

We can say that this year, the competition has a lot to say about him. In addition to the vicissitudes of the winner, the journey of integration in Egypt turned into a nightmare. On the day after their arrival, some had been victims of diarrhea and stomach rolls. One of them had even made a malaise vagal tone during a shoot. Darline Devos, the organizing of Miss Belgium from 2015, had quickly expressed to the daily Het Laatste Nieuws. “Two girls have suddenly had abdominal cramps and diarrhea. I immediately gave it a natural medicine. Three pills for three days“, she explained. And to clarify then, four other nominees were, in their turn, fell sick, probably due to the consumption of tap water.

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