Miss France 2020 : triumphant Return in Guadeloupe for Leniency Botino

It is a triumphant return worthy of the greatest international stars. The 13 January 2020, Leniency Botino, elected Miss France in December 2019, has regained her Guadeloupe home, in the company of Ophély Mézino, first runner-up of Miss World 2019. For the occasion, the inhabitants of guadeloupe have put the small dishes in the large. Between music, costumes, glitter and flocks of journalists, the beauty queens have been greeted with great fanfare upon their arrival at the airport of Pointe-à-Pitre.

A few days before their return to the butterfly island, the young women had already urged the Guadeloupeans to come out for the occasion. A wish that has been widely heard since the Clemency Botino and Ophély Mézino have been received as princesses. In their stories Instagram, they have shared many photos and videos of the event. Sylvie Tellier, a faithful companion of Miss, was also on the trip. Brought in by the general rejoicing, the two beauties have not hesitated to do a few dance steps in the middle of the crowd and journalists, delighted to capture these moments of happiness.

It is the 14th of December 2019 that Leniency Botino, 22 years old, was elected Miss France in 2020 at the end of a great show at the Dome of Marseille. At the same time, the other side of the Channel, Ophély Mézino defended on it, the colors of France, in the contest of Miss World 2019. Competition in which she won the scarf first runner-up, just behind her friend, Miss Jamaica.

In two years, Guadeloupe has bed up the catwalks of the beauty contest. A source of immense pride for the locals who have not failed to congratulate their ambassadors as it should be. The two beauty queens will also be able to enjoy their families and their friends, that they have not seen for several months already. For its part, Mercy Botino shorts television and radio since his coronation. In the aftermath, she was also able to discover sti new apartments, located in the heart of Paris. A new life offers to the young woman, who has had to put her studies in art history between parentheses to fully enjoy the experience Miss France. His return to Guadeloupe marks a first digression that should allow him to rest a little, before going back on the roads of France and around the world.

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