Molly Bernard flange : the star of “Younger” is going to marry his girlfriend Hannah

Molly Bernard, 31 years of age, interprets the character”s wacky and endearing Lauren in the series Younger, a young woman pansexuelle. This form of sexuality advocates for a free love, without preference defined to a sex gold, gender. This role has helped the actress understand her own sexuality. “His confidence has helped me a lot. Of different ways : his confidence has allowed me to manage my own stress problems, but also with my sexual identity“, had entrusted to the one that also appeared in the series medical Chicago Med during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2017. After long preferred romantic relationships with men, Molly Bernard is authorized to consider stories with women or transgender people.

The announcement of The engagement of Molly Bernrad comes a few weeks after that her partner filming Hilary Duff (aka Kelsey in Younger) got married. The american actress – who was divorced from Mike Comrie in 2016 after six years of marriage –, married Matthew Koma on December 21, 2019 in their villa in Los Angeles. Molly Bernard was of the festivities and was accompanied by his future wife.

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