Nabilla : His cry of love for Thomas, seven years after their encounter

While in the world of reality tv, the couples are all more fleeting than others, it is one that has proved the opposite, that formed by Nabilla et Thomas Vergara. In fact, against all odds, and in spite of their many escapades, the lovebirds are still together. Better yet, they are now married and parents of a little boy named Milann. Monday, 13 January 2020, Nabilla was so excited to go in a new direction with her man, to know their seven years of relationship. On social networks, the pretty brunette of 27 years has spread his love to the big day.

First on Twitter, with a stirring declaration : “today, it’s been 7 years that I met the man of my life, my husband, the father of my son @ThomasVergara. I love you more than anything in the world.” And then through sti story Instagram, where again the words “I love you” seem to be the only pronounceable to the old bimbo. On this occasion, the happy family flew to Los Angeles to live on his first holiday in three. Stay away from Dubai where they reside , which already promises to be memorable, and where love will always be travel.

Nabilla et Thomas Vergara lived, of the things, before getting to that point. It is in 2013 that their story began on the set of Angels (NRJ12). Since then, they no longer left us, even during the sadly famous case of the knife. Past the media whirlwind that followed as well as the passage in the prison of Nabilla, the lovebirds have returned stronger and more in love on the front of the stage. In may 2019, and they would say “yes” to London during a ceremony to be very intimate, only a few months before welcoming their first child, Milann. A love story that ends in the best of ways !

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