Nadège Lacroix speaks out about his sudden notoriety : “I wasn't prepared”

Who does not remember Nadège Lacroix, winner of Secret Story, in 2012 ? Very appreciated for his spontaneity, his naturalness, but also his sensitivity, belle had unanimous support from all the viewers the point of winning the show with over 70% of the vote. Today, more than seven years after his victory, the young Swiss racer is now influenceuse and even actress. Invited on the set of It starts today (France 2) on Wednesday 15 January 2020, it is returned on the last days of his adventure in the House of Secrets.

It was no more than four, and without cameras, since it was still broadcast 24-hour delayed… I was in the House (of Secrets) with the producer and I said that I didn’t want to get out. I was afraid…, “says the pretty blonde Faustine Bollaert. “In fact, I was accustomed to. What was very disturbing is that there was a life before you. Me, I was a waitress in a nightclub, I was doing the cours Florent. (…) I had a life to a hundred at a time, and the freedom of crazy ! And all of a sudden, I readjusts itself to this great house of paper where it is all together and it is really nice. (…) I met my best friend“, she said with tears in her eyes.

Yet, Nadège Lacroix fell from the top, leaving the show after more than four months shut up with his comrades. “What happens is that we leave a reality, you get used to one another, and when we go out… we do find neither the first nor the second. It is quite disturbing“, she continued by declaring to be returned home “very naively“. Subsequently, the former candidate explained that she could no longer make a step in the street without being stopped by fans. Moments often perceived as an “aggression emotional” by the young woman who is quickly felt “robbed of her life“. “I was not prepared for it, “she says.

Today as a couple and very happy, Nadège Lacroix has more than 575 000 subscribers on Instagram, and continued his career on the stage in theatre and in television series.

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