Nathanael of Rincquesen the victim of a STROKE, his new pace of life

Nathanael of Rincquesen is not about to forget the year 2019. The former journalist at Télématin has been the victim of a stroke (STROKE) in may of last year. An event of which he is fortunately uninjured.

This Wednesday, January 15, he made his return in the media in response to the invitation ofEurope 1. The opportunity to look back on its history. “You are a kind of miracle (…), because you’re very close to a disaster, “he has recalled, first of Philippe Vandel, the presenter of the program Culture Media. “I made a STROKE as a few hundreds of thousands of people each year. I had the luck and the happiness to have a companion who was next and who immediately called the fire department, “said Nathanael of Rincquesen, aware of the to have escaped beautiful. After the man of 47 years, his frenetic pace is the main cause of the accident. “It is in the logical sequence of things. We don’t get up at 3 o’clock in the morning for thirteen years without leaving a few feathers.” Since, Nathanael of Rincquesen has reviewed sti priorities and has decided to change its time slot. Now, it is on France Info radio that his loyal fans can follow him. A radical change that can only do him good. “I sleep in the morning, I arrived at the office around 14: 30 and I take the antenna to 21h, until midnight. This is another rhythm of life.

As a reminder, Nathanael of Rincquesen revealed to have been a victim of a STROKE last October. In an interview, striking in The Parisian. On the 1st of may, I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning to go to work at Télématin, as well as every day for the past thirteen years. When I got home, ( … ), we chatted, we laughed, and then I saw their faces freeze abruptly. My girlfriend Caroline touches me and pulls me away from the mouth a biscuit appetizer. It was understood that I was having a STROKE and she immediately called the emergency services.” Although “pulled in just three hours“, the journalist is forced to take a blood thinning medication for life.

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