Netflix queue to the 7 million subscribers in France

Netflix reached the milestone of 6.7 million subscribers in France, said his boss founder Reed Hastings to the Express . The previous milestone release was 6 million customers, it was last September.

The streaming service is continuing to gain viewers while awaiting the arrival of Disney+ at the end of march. According to Médiamétrie, they would be in total 14 million to absorb the programs of Netflix in france, to the point that the platform 158 million broadband subscribers in the world has become, for us, the fifth ” tv channel “, according to a recent study of the Observatory of the video.

Over the course of the interview, the weekly polls Hasting on Apple TV+, purpose rather that to talk about the scenario gold quality of content offered, it is the investment product of Apple which is discussed :

The Express : Apple has placed a lot of high-tech products in-house in its series ” The Morning Show. Do you use this kind of process ?

R. H. I haven’t seen, a goal that Apple clearly had too much. In Netflix, it is the producers who decide whether or not to use it as a Michael Bay film 6 Underground. But this is not a new source of income for us.

Netflix certainly does not avoid pleasure, however, the merchandising, as a witness to those around of Stranger Things , but this is an “activity [that] still remains very marginal, ” says Reed Hasting.

A few figures are given, such as 20 original content that will be produced in France on the current 2020, and that will add up to 24 made sti last five years.

After you have preferred the tax system of the netherlands, Netflix has released one foot in France and will have a real presence (his office had been closed in 2016) : “now, the teams will be able to manage direct budgets to assist the domestic producers […] We become, therefore, a French producer major and more just a machine to export happy hollywood “. More than 100 million will be spent this year in these productions franco-French (compared to almost 5 times more in the Uk) but intended also to export in other countries where Netflix is present, (190 in total).

Finally, so begins the season of festivals, Hasting reiterates sti refusal to consider competing at Cannes if the film has to wait for the statutory period of 3 years before they can be shown to its subscribers : “If we can compete without having to go out in the theatres, then we will be back. We do not seek to fight against this timeline, we prefer to stay away from this topic “.

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