Netflix unveils a small manual of sex education on the occasion of season 2 of Sex Education

“Liberty, equality, and sexuality ! This guide of 64 pages speak, of course, “ass without taboos”, which will provide the stereotypes in PLS and will explore the foundations of a relationship more fulfilling,” said Netflix. A whole program.

The british series that has so seduced by his point of view, inclusive and caring about the sexuality of teenagers is making a big comeback. On the occasion of the release of season 2 of Sex Education, Netflix has collaborated with Charlotte Abramow to develop a small manual for sex education for 16 years. The manual is available free of charge in metropolitan France.


Sex, it is discovered. The more we communicate, the more one learns, the more one likes it !, insists Netflix

The discovery of the body, contraception, consent, rules, secretion, sexual diversity, love solo… In 11 chapters, the manual promises to bring the shots to allow the teenager.e.s to take ownership of their body andunderstand more and more relaxed with their sexuality.

This book will also give the opportunity for parents to talk about sex a new angle with them.s ado.s, ignoring taboos.

As a reminder, the series Sex Education is an original production by Netflix, which has seen the light of day in January 2019. She explores adolescent sexuality through the path ofOtis, a adolescent English which makes a blockage on the masturbation, and this in spite of the efforts by his mother, therapist sexual uninhibited, to help him tame his fears. In high school, he meets Maeve, a young girl with the bad reputation and became the adviser to clandestine in matters of love relationships and sex.

Surrounded by his best friend, Eric, and a bunch of teenage eclectic, he discovers the beginnings of the sexual life. The plot deals with many themes : not only the different types of sexuality, but also the rrelationships, parents/teens, the self-discovery and theassertion of one’s desires. With humor and kindness, the series discusses current topics that make you think and move away from the representations trashy sexuality of the teens, such as one finds for example in the series Skins. Has see and review without moderation.

How to get your manual ?

To order your free Small Manual Sex Education, visit the website You need to fill in your details for delivery. Allow ten days to receive it.

Strong of its success, the manual is already out of stock, order is being re-printing. You will need to wait until January 20 to get the precious sesame.

Source : Netflix

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