New life for the sheep, romanians of the “cargo of death”

Some 180 sheep Romanian survivors of the sinking of a cargo ship , in which more than 14,000 of their peers had died in November, have started a new life in a shelter animal not far from Bucharest, found by the AFP on Wednesday.

“They are born a second time,” said Kuki Barbuceanu, head of the association Animal Rescue and Care (Arca), which organized the transfer of the 180 sheep in the town and rural Peris, thirty kilometers from Bucharest.

The sheep have escaped the slaughter to which they were destined to Saudi Arabia and the disaster that has affected the cargo transporting to the Persian Gulf.

At the end of November, the boat flying the flag of Palau had capsized with 14 600 sheep on board, for an unknown reason, shortly after leaving the port of Midia (south-eastern Romania), in the Black sea. The 21 crew members were unharmed.

Volunteers from the Arca had worked for several days to extract the beasts still alive in the bowels of the ship, where they were trapped.

Nouvelle vie pour les moutons roumains du «cargo de la mort»

Sheltered for the winter in a stable modern, the sheep, rescued, young males of about a year, will be the spring frolic around the shelter and work with the five horses, two donkeys, dogs and cats that are already here.

Some of them cough, others have suffered sprains, aim their state of health is good overall, welcomes the association.

“They will be able to take it easy until the end of their life, that is 12 to 15 years, because they deserve it “, said M. Barbuceanu.

As soon As the property issues are resolved, a portion of the animals will be transferred in “shelters vegans” or adopted.

Nearly three months after the shipwreck, the freighter remains lying on the side, a few hundred metres from the dock, while the carcasses have still not been retrieved. The port authority, however, comes to designate the winner of a call for tenders that will allow the bailout.

According to M. Barbuceanu, the sheep are not dead, drowned gold crushed against the walls of the vessel have perished of thirst.

The fate of The 14 600 sheep had moved opinion and many Romanians have given the money to fund their maintenance, which –rent the shelter included– amounts to 5000 euros per month.

Third breeder of sheep within the european Union, Romania has exported these last two years, two million livestock, including to Jordan, Libya and Lebanon.

The associations for the defence of animals had already denounced the conditions of these crossings, particularly during the high summer temperatures.