New record of weapons seized at airports in the u. s. in 2019

Nearly 4,500 firearms were seized at security checks in us airports in 2019, announced on Wednesday that the airport authorities, who are pleased with this new record ” extremely disturbing “.

According to the federal agency responsible for transportation safety (TSA), 4432 firearms were discovered by agents in the hand luggage of passengers, a figure up 5% compared to 2018.

Even more alarming, 87% of them were loaded, ” said TSA in a statement.

“The continuous rise of the weapons made by the travelers to the control points of airports is extremely troubling,” commented the head of the TSA, David Pekoske.

The seizures were carried out in 278 airports in the country, including the busiest, such as Atlanta (323), Dallas/Fort Worth (217) and Denver (140).

The TSA reminds us that the transportation of firearms in carry-on baggage is prohibited, and the passenger will incur a fine of $ 13 000 at the maximum.

While the United States Constitution guarantees the right to possess a firearm and that the firearm is legal in some american states, their transportation by air is permitted only if they are declared to the airline and stored as luggage in the hold. They must be unloaded and placed in a closed box.

In July, the agents of the TSA at the airport of Baltimore-Washington had seized a missile and its owner, a member of the us army, had wanted to pretend to be a souvenir brought back from Kuwait. The engine was not in running condition, said the agency.