Nikkie Tutorials reveals himself to be transgender : “I was born in the wrong body”

The video has been viewed over 16 million times. And for good reason, this is the one where the youtubeuse Dutch Nikkie Tutorials learn to the world after twelve years on YouTube, she is a woman transsexual. Monday, 13 January 2020, the videographer beauty with 12 million subscribers, has decided that it was time to share her story.

I want to start the new year with the truth. I want to start the new year by revealing a part of my life that has made me who I am. (…) It is time to let go, and to finally be free, “began the friend of Jeffree Star, before admitting that she is “born into the wrong body“. “I’m NikkiTutorials, and I’m Nikki. I’m just me. We don’t need labels. But if you really want to put one in, yes, I am a trans woman’“, she said, very moved.

Coming out under threats

You can write your own story, live your life without any restrictions. You can be yourself. (…) I hope to inspire small Nikkie around the world, who feel misunderstood, out of place. I hope it will inspire others to do the same thing, to live the life that you want, that you deserve. We need to accept us, respect us. But the most important thing is to listen and understand, “says Nikkie de Jager.

Unfortunately, Nikkie has not made his coming out totally of his own free will. The video of 25-year-old has received messages of crows, threatening to reveal his story in the media. It has, therefore, decided to share his experience with honesty, she began to identify as a woman at the age of 6 years. During her transition, she has been able to count on the with unfailing support of his mother, “which has been present since the beginning” and some of his teachers.

Twenty-four hours after the publication of the video, it reached the first place of trends YouTube. Tuesday, January 14, Nikkie was keen to thank his fans for their messages. “When I published my video yesterday, I was expecting more scenarios. I would have never imagined, never in my wildest dreams, the incredible amount of love I receive. It means so much to me. Thank you, just thank you“, she said on her story Instagram, with tears in her eyes.

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