OKLM, he saw the foot of his iMac

What to do when one wants to transport sti 27-inch iMac with itself, but that the foot does not go in the suitcase ? Just the cut, of course!! This is what has made a friend of the father of Kirill Zakharov, patron of the design Unsplash, to travel with its all-in-one. A small stroke of the saw and presto, the iMac in the luggage. And in return, a small hack to the Frankenstein for the repairing of the foot to the computer, and the turn is played.

Good, we don’t know if this story is bacon golden pig, but in light of the second image, the must-yourselfer who doesn’t have cold eyes, seems indeed to have cut off the foot of the iMac to the barbarian ! Please don’t do that for you.

The feet of the iMac can be removed quite easily, with the help of a plastic card and a screwdriver, as shown in this video. But this is clearly no longer the case on newer models, for which Apple sells directly to the version with the VESA mount adapter kit — built-in generally, when one withdraws the foot of the iMac, this is to install the block on the wall mount bracket compatible with VESA. Only the iMac Pro keeps a foot detachable : Apple sells a VESA mount adapter kit with all the tools to replace the foot of the computer.

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