Patrice Laffont ruined : he expects to be an “end-of-life difficulties”

Patrice Laffont was nice to have a long tv career behind him, he didn’t put money aside ! The popular presenter, today 80 years old, has once again confirmed that it is to the brink of ruin. Even the inheritance of his father nothing is done. Thus, it is expected to last years of harsh living…

Guest of the show Good Morning Week-end, on the chain Non Stop People, Patrice Laffont is returned to its money problems. Thus, it has to enter the game revealed that the inheritance at the death of his father, the editor very known to the literary world Robert Laffont – died in 2010 – included peanuts ! Far from having hit the mother lode, he explained that “the house did not belong to him, therefore, [we] have not had a large inheritance“. And to add, on his own earnings as an entertainer : “The money that I have earned over the years, it was not at all the stamps that have the big stars now but it was still comfortable.

Patrice Laffont, who has hosted the program phare of the public service Fort Boyard (1990 to 1999), as well as Pyramid gold numbers and letters, is the type to not look at the expenditure, and therefore admits that it is “a cicada“. This is problematic since it does not have a real mattress to hold for a long time. “I’ve spent everything I have nothing bought. I am not in the mouise, but if I live a few more years I’ll have an end-of-life quite difficult financially speaking“, he confided.

However, the moderator, which multiplies in recent years the projects in the theatre as an actor – last year he was playing in the room Last lap of the track with Jean-Marie Bigard , is not of the kind to commiserate about his fate. “But I don’t want to cry in the cottages. I’m going to do a Laffont-tuna and maybe a few people will send me some money“, he concluded with humor.

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