Patrick Chesnais devastated by the death of his son : “I have not been a good father”

The life of Patrick Chesnais has been marked by a terrible tragedy : the death of his eldest his Ferdinand, who lost his life in the night of 12 to 13 October 2006 in a car accident on the device. A test necessarily difficult to overcome, as the actor has decided to tell in her book life is beautiful. I kills me to say it to you !, who will come out on the 13th of January next.

Year extract has been unveiled in the latest issue of France Dimanche, published on 12 January 2020. It tells the story of the burial of his his Ferdinand, who died at just 20 years of age. “I saw him, lying forever in this box, just in front of me, carried by the massive funeral, quiet, off, definitely dead… I told myself that I should have known better to protect it, and that it is me who would have had to be in this box… I have not been a good father. A good father, that prevents her her die at twenty year‘s,” writes Patrick Chesnais in his book.

On the evening of the disappearance of her son, Patrick Chesnais wants to go on the stage. “The situation was at the edge, at the edge of everything, of distress, of death, of the life that continued. It is like to eat, piss, sleep, at a time it comes out, it drips, “says the actor 72-year-old.

Note that this is not the first time that Patrick Chesnais publishes a book about her deceased her. In 2008, he wrote the book where are You, Ferdinand ?, Diary of a father orphan. As a reminder, the death of his his was caused in part by the bac of the driver.

After a night watered, Ferdinand Chesnais, who was playing in the room, black Sun, is mounted in the vehicle of a friend of his, Hervé Richardot, a comedian in the same room. Ferdinand then displays a tray of 1.2 g. The driver, himself, was at 1.68 g. It approved with its Golf course on an exit ramp of the device of the porte de Sèvres thinking that it is the entry way. With Ferdinand Chesnais at his sides, the man carries out almost three miles in the opposite direction, before violently hitting a car at the porte d’auteuil.

The young man died on the spot, but the driver escapes the accident with minor injuries. Hervé Richardot taxable a sentence of 3 years in prison and 50,000 euros in damages and interest. Since then, Patrick Chesnais has created year Association Ferdinand, who has been fighting since April 2007 against drinking and driving, especially among young people.

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