Pensacola : angry, Donald Trump requires a hand of Apple

In his usual kind who does not bother with diplomacy, Donald Trump enraged at the refusal of Apple to unlock two iPhone Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, as requested by the FBI, and William Barr, attorney general of the united Kingdom. This is the killer of the naval base of Pensacola, Florida, that the shooting has killed three at the beginning of December. From the top of his Twitter account, the u. s. president explained that he and his government ” help Apple all the time on THE TRADE and a lot of other problems “.

The manufacturer has actually benefited ofexemptions of customs duty on its products and components imported from China, which has also helped keep the production of the Mac Pro in Texas (for us customers). Goal seeing as Apple is selfish : despite these efforts on the part of the administration to Trump, ” [the company] refuse to unlock phones that are used by killers, drug dealers and other criminals “.

Donald Trump calls on Apple to ” help our great Country, NOW ! “. Despite the fury of the taking of the White House, it is unlikely that Apple accesses sti request or at the request of the FBI, as the company explained today after the protrusion of William Barr (read : Pensacola : Apple’s take his argument to the american minister of Justice).

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