Pensacola, fl : the american government does it play true with Apple ?

While Donald Trump comes to urge Apple to unlock both iPhone killer of the military base in Pensacola, doubts are raised about the merits of the similar request from the FBI and the american minister of Justice.

According to several security experts and a former executive of Apple, interviewed by the New York Times and Bloomberg, there are solutions that are common in the middle to unlock the iPhone 5, and 7, without creating a back door, as requested by the us authorities.

A Kiosk Cellebrite, used to extract data from a smartphone that is locked. Image Cellebrite.

These solutions could come from Cellebrite gold Grayshift, two companies that provide the forces of order, anywhere in the world, tools to extract data from iPhone and other smartphones.

Their tools, named respectively UFED and GrayKey, to take advantage including of security loopholes to jump over the limit of entry of unlock codes, and so perform a brute force attack.

The minister of Justice, William Barr has argued that all the alternatives had been operated to unlock the iPhone, in vain, without giving details on the attempts.

According to the New York Times, the frustration and skepticism prevail within the team of Apple in charge of managing the case-sensitive, we wonder if the authorities have really tried all the third party tools.

Even when the damage suffered by one of the iPhone prevent third-party tools to function, the security researchers believe that Apple would also be blocked by the damage.

As shown in the declaration of Donald Trump on Twitter, the u. s. government estimates that Apple doesn’t have to decide if she wants the help or not to unlock the iPhone. The respect of privacy has never been a fundamental right of the u. s. Constitution, said William Barr, in a speech last October.

The leaders of Apple have been surprised by the worsening of the case, which is reminiscent of San Bernardino in 2016, according to the New York Times. According to the journal, Apple is preparing for a legal battle with the department of Justice to defend the encryption of the iPhone.

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