Plane shot down in Iran: Rohani calls for a radical change in policy

The iranian president Hassan Rohani has called Wednesday to a major change in the mode of government of his country, implicitly acknowledging that the catastrophe of the plane ukraine shot down in Tehran had caused a crisis of confidence in the authorities.

The Boeing 737 crashed a week ago in Tehran, killing 176 people dead, mostly Iranians and Canadians.

Mr. Rohani has called for the” national unity “, and even ” national reconciliation “, after that the delay taken by the authorities to recognize their responsibility in this drama has led to angry protests and a wave of public outrage since Saturday.

Referring to a series of events “tragic” that have occurred since the beginning of January (the elimination of an important general in iran by Washington to the disaster “unacceptable,” the flight Ukrainian Airlines), Mr. Rohani stated that this had to end “a great decision” within the iranian political system.

“And this major decision “, he added, ” is the national reconciliation. ”

The parliamentary elections scheduled for 21 February “shall [by] be the first step,” said the president, in a speech delivered in the council of ministers, and rebroadcast, on an exceptional basis, live by the State television.

In this election, “the people want the diversity,” he said in a tone so determined, calling on the authorities responsible for the validation of candidates not to disqualify at all-goes.

“The people is our master […] and we are his servants. The servant must turn to the master with modesty, precision and honesty “, also said Mr. Rohani.

“People want to ensure that the authorities treat them with sincerity, integrity and trust,” he said.

“I urge the armed forces and [their] staff to explain to people […] what has happened since the accident up until the time when [the truth] has been announced […] so that they understand [that they] did not want to hide anything “, he added.

“If there has been a delay [in the transmission of information], they present an apology,” said Mr. Rohani.

After two days of denials by officials of the thesis according to which a missile had been fired at the Boeing shot down on January 8, after sti takeoff from Tehran, the iranian armed forces have recognized Saturday is their responsibility, citing a ” human error “.

The government indicated that it had not been prevented by the armed forces on Friday.