Prince Harry in the cold with his brother ? “William feels betrayed”

According to the information of the Sun, the relationship between prince Harry and his elder brother, prince William would be “strained and heavily impacted” by a series of events. Their links brothers would not have given the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day, where Harry and William have played both, in Berkshire, in July 2019.

Tensions between the brothers would be more important, especially since William is accusing Harry of having changed and “evil talk to the staff of the staff“. “It is so sad to see how their relationship is damaged. They will always love as brothers, purpose William feels betrayed by Harry, who had let him down, “said a source close to the brothers has been entrusted to the Sun, on January 13, 2020.

Harry him, would be sad to see that Kate Middleton and her husband William have never made efforts to integrate Meghan Markle to the british royal family. “Prince Harry has the impression that Kate and William have never left for luck to Meghan. And now they are leaving the country in this state, “continued the same source.

It’s been several months that prince Harry and prince William are facing rumors of blurs. The evidence of a supposed quarrel between the brothers are still based on the fact that William didn’t do enough to welcome Meghan. The two princes have decided to respond to these rumors in a press release, surprise, which appeared on 13 January 2020.

In spite of denials, that is clear, a false story circulated in the English newspapers today and speculates on the relationship between the duke of Sussex and duke of Cambridge. For brothers who pay a profound attention to issues related to mental health, this use of inflammatory language is offensive and potentially dangerous“, they said. This should be a time to calm down the rumors in this tumultuous period for the british royal family.

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