Promo : iPad 7 to 315 €, its the best price

After the MacBook Pro 16″, it is the iPad 7 (the latest generation date) that is the subject of reductions record. The model with 32 Gb of storage is sold currently 315 € by Amazon, instead of 389 € to Apple.

349 – 34 = 315 € in the end

This floor price is made possible thanks to two discounts combined : a first € 40 and a second (the ” coupon “) of € 34, which is confirmed just before placing an order. The three colors take advantage of these savings and are in stock.

If you need more storage, the iPad 7 of 128 Gb is also a good deal at the moment on Amazon. By the game again coupon, extra discount, models, gold and space grey are 391 € instead of €489. In other words, it has the 128 Gb for the price of the 32 Gb.

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