Rachel Legrain-Trapani pregnant : she reveals how she learned of her pregnancy

Looking to the future, Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentine Léonard roll out on the highway of love. Only a few days after they met last August, they were already a tattoo joint. After this big step, what could be more normal for them to seal their love by an act irreversible : welcome their first child in two.

On 10 January last, the former beauty queen announced her second pregnancy. A wonderful new, very well received by the fans of the couple. Wednesday, 15 January 2020, Rachel Legrain-Trapani has learned to its subscribers about how she had known that she was pregnant… in full trekking in the desert, in Morocco. “I knew that I was pregnant in arriving at our camp in the desert during the Trek… I didn’t have the opportunity to make a test (obviously not of pharmacy at the horizon)“, she explains.

But I felt deep inside me… we will remember this sentence out of nowhere : ‘I believe that I’m pregnant.’ Every mile that I was doing, I thought of him (or her) in the hope that he holds on and he takes the shot. I woke up in the morning at 6 o’clock with the nausea and the apprehension of the 20 km that I was going to go in the dunes. We managed all this experience which will remain amazing with my little bean in the belly”, continued Rachel Legrain-Trapani.

As a reminder, the former Miss France is already the mother of a little boy named Gianni, was born on December 23, 2013, from her previous relationship with footballer Aurélien Capua. Rachel Legrain-Trapani was not expecting to immerse themselves in the joys of motherhood. “I’m starting again in the crazy adventure of motherhood simply because it is you. You who give me the desire to become a mom, you that I attic of happiness and love every day, you are already a super step-dad and that will be a wonderful daddy, whom I love quite simply“, she had said to his companion Valentin Leonard at the announcement of her pregnancy.

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