Republicans support a resolution to limit Trump against Iran

The u. s. Senate, could be adopted next week a resolution to limit the power of Donald Trump to launch military operations against Iran, with the support of republican senators, said Tuesday the democrat who introduced the text.

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“We now have a majority of colleagues, democrats and republicans, who will defend with force the principle that we should not go to war without a vote in Congress,” said democratic senator Tim Kaine.

This vote could take place as early as next week, he said, though it remains to determine a date in a Senate which will then be occupied by the historic trial in the impeachment of the american president.

The adoption of the resolution of the upper chamber would be seen as a snub for Donald Trump, because it is controlled by his republican party (53-47). But the president could put his veto on it.

Before arriving on his desk, the text should be approved by the House of representatives, the democratic majority.

The lower house had passed a similar resolution last week (224 votes in favour, 194 against) but unlike the Senate, it was non-binding.

The democrats are deeply worried about the peak of tensions occurred after the strikes that the u. s. has killed a powerful general of the iranian, Qassem Soleimani, on the 3rd of January, followed by strikes of iranian missiles on the databases used by the us army in Iraq.

Four republican senators, concerned to defend the authority of the Congress in the face of the White House, rallied to the resolution proposed by Tim Kaine: Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Todd Young and Susan Collins. Enough to reach the 51 votes necessary in this case.

But this does not presage in any case of an alliance with the democrats at the trial in impeachment, the republicans supporting widely with the president on this issue.

The text presented by Tim Kaine would counter the “foreign policy impulsive, erratic, selfish and often irresponsible,” Donald Trump, said the leader of the minority democrat Chuck Schumer.

Often very critical of Donald Trump, the republican senator Mitt Romney has this time announced he would oppose the text, in order not to “bind the hands of the president” in the face of Iran.