Restriction of follow-up in iOS 13 : the advertising unhooked

Apple against the advertising industry, it is… and not end. Measures for the protection of the private life that the manufacturer stacks up in its software (Safari in particular) and their operating systems continues to make the misfortune of the advertising, and experts in the siphoning of data. Their life is singularly complicated since iOS 13, and the new mechanism of collection of location data which is embodied in an alert-like anxiogenic asking the user if he wants to be followed by such gold such a app and at what frequency.

In the settings location of the applications that are used to allow access to its position, the activation of the option Always displayed from time to time a spectacular notification asking to confirm this choice (capture, right).

These new settings are a thorn in the side of the governed, who find that they have less of location data to process, which has for consequence to reduce the targeting of advertising as the reports DigiDay. 70% of users who were tracked by location Science, a collector of location data, are passed to iOS 13 in the six weeks following the online release of this new version. 80% of them have stopped tracking in the background on their devices. “The people have decided to stop the sharing of location data at a global level “, says it is at lease Science.

The rate of activation of the monitoring of the lease by the applications in the background is located under the 50%, depending on Teemo, a publisher of software for gathering this type of information. Three years ago, this rate was close to 100%. Apple has perfectly managed his coup… at the expense of an entire industry whose woes will not cry a lot of users, it has to be said.

However, there is an advantage to this limitation the collection of location information : follow-up data remaining that can exploit the governed have the most value, the activity related to their exploitation is still very active according to DigiDay. This has not prevented many publishers of apps to worry about these restrictions from Tim Cook, without touching Apple for as much (read : Geolocation : Apple stands firm on the restrictions of iOS 13).

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