Rudy (Married at first sight) and his binds : Sarah alerted by the expert

For the first time in the history of Married at first sight, a candidate had to choose between two men, because the rate of compatibility was similar. After discovering a letter with the defects and qualities of Sylvain, a driver of 33 years, and Rudy, a commercial agent of 36 years, Sarah puts them in the blind to make a decision. And a detail that has provoked the wrath of the internet users. Rudy has two children, aged 5 and 9 years of age, born of different mothers. If he has not hidden that he was the father during the speed-dating, the candidate suggests to Sarah that the two little ones had the same mom. After you have found his explanation on Instagram on January 7, it is the turn of the candidate to speak on the subject with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. And it has made the revelations. In fact, we have learned that she had quickly discovered the pot aux roses : “It is the expert, Estelle Dossin, who told me after the interview to the blind.

Purpose Sarah assured him, she didn’t hold it against Rudy : “I understand that the context was unique. We were all three stressed. There were film crews around us. We would meet without seeing one. He wanted to please me, it may not be answered immediately.” On the other hand, she would not have reacted the same way if it had been in the place of her suitor. The reason for this ? It is “transparent” and do not see where is the problem, because a lot of people have children from a different relationship today. “The public is hard and focused on his binds. For us, this has not been something huge“, she concluded. Remains to know with which participant she will decide to marry.

To recall, Rudy was revealed in story Instagram that he was “turning on” since the release of the said sequence. “Yes, there has been little passage, but be be aware that there are still assemblies, it is necessary to take this into account. I was in a special context, there were cameras everywhere, a film crew that was watching us, I didn’t have a lot of time with Sarah. (…) This was not the time to talk about my past“, was particularly justified.

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