Rumor : the 5G millimeter-also for the iPad

Apple should switch to the 5G, as of this year for the iPhone, there have been enough rumours over the months that it is almost certain. But the firm’s Cupertino does should not have to reserve this technology for its smartphone, according to DigiTimes, a future iPad inherits the 5G is complete, with the management of millimeter waves, which offer speeds worthy of the optical fiber.

Year iPad Pro cell phone of 2018.

The site taiwanese indicates that the sub-contractor which was to provide the antennas for 5G the iPhone should also provide antennas, 5G, for iPad. It does not specify, however, what iPad it is exactly, but it seems obvious that this would be for a model ” Pro “, at least at the start. The rumor adds that it would be a 5G ” complete “, with the support of millimeter waves, which goes in the sense of what Ming Chi-kuo advance for the iPhone of 2020.

Remains as to whether this would be for the next generation expected in 2020, or the one after that. Ming Chi-kuo, him again, predicted the current 2019 he would have to wait until 2021 to have an iPad Pro 5G, the generation of this year only after the analyst to improve the support of 4G. If he is right, he will probably have to wait at least one more year for the 5G one tablet.

If it is wrong, or if the plans have changed, and that the 5G comes well on the new iPad Pro 2020, is that this means that the latter will not happen before the fall ? It is a possibility, but as the recalls MacRumors , which reports the information, Apple had released a 4G iPad in march 2012, a few months before the release of the iPhone, the first to be equipped with a chip 4G. One could consider this scenario to happen again this year, for the 5G.

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