Samuel Le Bihan : Tender report for his autistic daughter Angia

Even if it is very busy with his little Emma-Rose a little over 1 year, Samuel Le Bihan do not neglect to pout as her other children.

Sunday, January 12, 2020, he shared a photo moving of Angia, 8 years old, at the top of the mountains. We see father and daughter combination, coat and ski mask bolted onto the skull in front of the unlimitedness. In the legend, the actor 54-year-old admits all the admiration he has for his child with autism. “How to imagine that one day this little girl chausserait skis, it is to that climbing the stairs was a complicated operation. I know that for you any learning is much more difficult, and yet, you please ever. Thou hast made me as the viewer moved by your determination to be accepted and integrated as the other, among others. The authority with which you develop strategies for achieving it does not really get me and your progress is forcing my compliance. So go ahead, thrill my daughter, don’t worry the rest, I am here for you.

The journey of this little girl, born of his love with Daniela Beye, had been the subject of his book, A happiness that I don’t wish it on anyone. In the book, he evokes the difficulty for parents of children with autism, ill-informed and misunderstood.

The first to have commented on is, of course , François-Xavier Demaison , who is the godfather of the little girl (and Samuel Le Bihan is one of his daughter !). The one who interpreted Coluche in 2008, it cracked a little heart for her god-daughter on Instagram.

The actor ofAlex Hugo has been little Emma-Rose with the DJ and producer, Angie Vu Ha in August 2018. It also has a great sound, 24 years of age, Jules, born of his union with actress Patricia Franchino.

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