Sarah and Scott (Married at first sight) : the Marriage annulled after a death

End of the suspense about the choice of Sarah. In the first episode of Married at first sight aired on January 6, 2020, the manager of payroll 32 years had to choose between Sylvain (a driver of 33 years) and Rudy (commercial agent of 36 years). It was compatible with them to 78%, the experts have therefore preferred to let her make the decision.

A time of choice

After having received the letters in which were enumerated their character traits, the young mother of a 6 years old child has had the chance to meet them in the blind to decide. And, at the end of the interviews, she knew exactly which man she wanted to meet him at the mairie de Grans, for a possible marriage. This is for Scott as she had a stroke of heart, a tear for Rudy, who hoped so much from this encounter. “I say to myself that the wheel will turn. If this is not there, it will be later, this is not serious“, he quickly added.

For his part, Sylvain was thrilled. “I am very happy that you made this choice. I look forward to meet you at the town hall, because I wanted that the exchange takes longer“, he confided to Sarah after she announced her decision. The young woman told him that the pleasure was shared and agreed with her potential future husband that she had had a “coup de coeur“.

I didn’t have a heartbeat. This is what I was hoping for, but I didn’t think I would have“, was then entrusted to Sarah during her interview. Ounce his future wife, share, Sylvain exploded in joy. He has proven that despite his side asked, he was able to be spontaneous in everyday life.

Cancelled wedding and tears

Then came the time for Sarah to announce the news to his parents. She had been dreading a lot their reaction, especially that of her dad. Aim all-in-all, it went well. Unfortunately, an event of great seriousness came to compromising the adventure of the young woman. Estelle Dossin has made the trip to present him with a letter in which Sylvain explained that he interrupted the adventure, following the death of her mother. It is with many emotions that she has taken his words. “I am confidant that you will understand. I must first rebuild me me, before building to two. But who knows, maybe will we have the pleasure to see us one day, when I’m ready. In any case, I hope so, and if that’s you want, then I will be very happy that you finally discover“, he writes.

In shock, Sarah has struggled to find his words.

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