Sarah (Married at first sight) : Meeting with Rudy and refusal to marry him

Monday, 13 January 2020, in the new episode Married at first sight (M6), the viewers had a shock learning that the experience was over for Sarah. The young woman who was compatible with two men, Scott and Rudy, had finally married the first, that she had chosen when year appointment to the blind. Following the death of her mother, the candidate has suddenly stopped the filming and their marriage has been annulled. A few hours ago, Sarah has responded on his account Instagram, where she has made of the revelations.

Of the atypical in the atypical. My experience was unlikely from the beginning to the end. I know that many of you have fully lived my adventure with me and are just as frustrated and sad that I was me, my relative and members of the production who have accompanied us“, she first wrote. And then, the pretty and discreet brown has said more about what happened then. “I’ve never met Scott because he wanted to get away totally from the program after this sad news, and not to give in. We all respected her choice. Hence sti’s absence on the social networks. I am so moved on to something else.

It is then that we learn that she would be able to marry Rudy ! A choice that she has declined. “The production was proposed to me to finally marry me with Rudy. I refused this option, because I didn’t find this ethical, as I invested at the bottom in my marriage with Scott. Rudy is not a spare wheel. Especially as I had had a real blow of heart for Scott. And then, I met Rudy at the same time that other candidates for Lyon this season. Rudy and I are just friends, there has never been question of any romantic relationship with him.” Their complicity was revealed in a photo on the account Instagram of Rudy.

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