Scales : MacBook Pro 16" to 2 375 € to 512 Gb and 2754 € 1 To 🆕

[Updated the 16/1] The duelists Rue du Commerce, and Amazon continues to mark to the panties on the price. The two configurations are of benefit to the new good discounts, but this also depends on the colour of the frame :

At Rue du Commerce, the MacBook Pro 16″ entry-level Core i7 with 512 Gb of SSD is to 2374,99 € (-324 €) on the silver version only, with a delivery on the 23rd of January. The configuration Core i9 with 1 Tb is 2 754,99 € in silver and space grey (-444 €). The first is stock, the second will be delivered on the 22nd of January.

In front at Amazon, the Core i7 512 Gb, silver, is also 2 374,99 € (note the alignment to the penny) and in stock. For the Core i9 and 1tb, space grey, it is also 2 754,99 € with shipping in under 48 hours.

[Updated the 11/1] Advantage of this day to Rue Du Commerce, which continued to offer the two configurations at unbeatable prices : the entry-range is always written to 2375 € while the high-end is sold 2754 €. Prices well below those offered by Apple. For its part, Amazon, aligns only on the high-end model. The firm of Jeff Bezos offers the entry-2564 €.

[Updated the 10/1] Amazon has aligned itself with Street Trade and offers the two configurations at the same price 2375 € for the entry-level (16 Gb / 512 Gb SSD) and 2754 € for the high-end (16 Gb – 1 Tb of SSD).

Rue du Commerce is organising a flash sale on MacBook Pro 16″. The base model (Core i7, 16 Gb RAM, SSD 512 Gb) is sold with a 12% reduction, or 2 375 € instead of 2 699 €. This is the best price so far of this machine output there has only been two months. You’re not very far from the price of the MacBook Pro 13″ top of the range (2 249 €), which is much less powerful.

Rue du Commerce is also an interesting promotion on the MacBook Pro 16″ top of the range. This model equipped with a Core i9, 16 Gb of RAM, a SSD of 1 Tb and a GPU more powerful is sold 2 755 € 3 199 € at Apple. In other words, the higher configuration for only 50 € more than the basic configuration in normal times.

As always, it is better not too much drag if you want to enjoy it, it is not known if there is a lot of stock.

[Updated on 9/01] : Amazon has aligned itself with its competitor for the configuration high-end. The two versions, silver and gray sidereal fell to 2754,99 €. To the penny as the face. It has a Core i9 and 1tb of SSD. It is 444 € less than the Apple Store.

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