Second exit in the space of two female astronauts of the Nasa

Nasa does not change the teams that win: Jessica Meir and Christina Koch are new exits in the vacuum to change a battery from the international space Station (ISS), the second output space 100% women’s history.

The first output of the two women on October 18, had been hailed as an event, as more than 200 previous releases have always included at least one man. The us president, Donald Trump had called to congratulate them and praise their courage.

Their second release, out on Wednesday, is made without fanfare, highlighting the routine maintenance operations of the ISS. The two astronauts had to replace old batteries, nickel-hydrogen by new, lithium-ion, over the course of an operation that will last for six and a half hours.

Deuxième sortie dans l’espace de deux femmes astronautes de la Nasa

The release started at 11: 35 am GMT.

And Jessica Meir and Christina Koch will begin Monday.

In addition to the two women, the American Andrew Morgan, the european astronaut Luca Parmitano and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Skripochka make up the crew of the current ISS.

Nasa has many feminized sti astronaut corps. The last promotion recruited five women and six men, joined by a Canadian and a Canadian, who perform their initial training at Nasa.