Ségolène Royal annoys the government : road trip, it replicates

Ségolène Royal is going to pay for his media outlets. Recruited by his training colleague became the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, as year’s ambassador for the arctic and antarctic poles, it is on the point of getting fired ! This is The “Canard enchaîné” who released the information Tuesday 14 January 2020, requiring the political woman of 66 years old to take the floor.

Sti page on Facebook, the former candidate unhappy for the presidential election has therefore published a press release to confirm his dismissal next – which is to take place on 24 January – and make a few clarifications… “In fact, I am not called, because the dismissal of this volunteer opportunity on the poles has already taken place, without prior consultation, as indicated in the attached letter [from the ministry of European and foreign Affairs and the ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity, Editor’s NOTE]. I understand by this letter that the president of the Republic will put an end to my duties at a next council of ministers since I have no intention to renounce to my freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Constitution. I take act”, she wrote. Several members of the government – starting with the minister of the ecological Transition, solidarity and Elisabeth Borne – him accusing his tackles repeated in the media about the weakness of government action in favour of ecology.

Ségolène Royal added that it “appreciates and commends the remarkable work of the teams of the ministry of foreign Affairs, embassies are stationed in the countries of the arctic circle and scientists, researchers and French academics respected in the world“. The ex-girlfriend of François Hollande, who had taken over this post after Michel Rocard – the post office had been opened in 2009 – to clarify that she has “accomplished this task a volunteer with passion and conscientiousness, in the continuity of [his] responsibility as president of the COP21“. At the time of his appointment, the magazine Capital announced that it was to be paid a salary of 5,000 euros gross per month.

The ex-minister, ex-mp and ex-president of region, which does not seem to want to withdraw from the political world, has not failed to specify that she was to “the provision of the commissions of foreign Affairs and sustainable Development to testify on all of these work as well as to defend the French polar Institute who needs the means to ensure even better the scientific influence of France“. Understand that it is necessary to continue to rely on it…

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