Selena Gomez evacuated from a beach in panic...

The celebrity status doesn’t protect you against the bread. This is what we confirmed this poor Selena Gomez, which was, however, a nice moment of relaxation. January 1, 2020, rather than hanging out in pajamas the heavy head, the young singer 27-year-old was offered a small trip with friends on the beach of Honolulu, Hawaii. But now, in full walk, it was inadvertently market with force, loss, and crash it was jellyfish. If you have never experienced this mishap, know that it is usually accompanied with a bread equivalent to an electrical discharge, followed by a sensation of burning and strong itching.

Unable to walk, Selena Gomez has had to be carried by one of his friends outside of the beach. Definitely, life’s hard to be gentle with it. The woe, the witch of Waverly Place is never really reached away to a magic wand. Between his lupus, his kidney transplant, his stays in a psychiatric institution and his break-up with Justin Bieber, it is sometimes hard to know where to give head. It has, however, transformed his or her sentence in item

His new album is dedicated to Justin Bieber ?

After teasé his new musical departure, unveiling at the same time the titles Look At Her Now , and Lose You to Love Me, Selena Gomez has released her new album Rare, the sixth of his young career, January 10, 2020. Difficult, by analyzing the words of his thirteen titles, to imagine that she wrote them thinking of something other than her, e.g. “How I could confused that shit with love“, begins-does it, for example, in the title Cut You Off, or even “In two months, we have replaced, as if it was easy“. As a reminder, after several back-and-forth, Selena and Justin separated for good in march 2018. In June, it was, again, seen withHailey Baldwinwhich has since become his wife. Might as well make a little pocket money on this tough story…

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