Spain: one dead, six wounded and one missing in the explosion of a chemical plant

An explosion followed of a fire in a chemical plant in Tarragona (northeast of Spain) has done on Tuesday, one dead, six injured and one missing, have announced the regional authorities.

The causes of the explosion, which occurred in the complex IQOXE (chemical Industries ethylene oxide), were not known in the immediate future. The civil Protection has ensured, for its part, that no “poisonous substance” had been detected in the surrounding area.



The fire department has indicated that a thirty teams were on site to extinguish the fire, which was a tank of ethylene oxide, and ” cool tanks neighbours “.

The regional head of the Interior in Catalonia, Miquel Buch, ” has confirmed that six people had been injured, one dead and one missing in the explosion at The Canonja “, common in the province of Tarragona, have tweeted his services.

Videos showing large flames and columns of smoke circulating on the social networks.

A person has died inside a building located in a town close to the industrial park, which collapsed due to the shock wave, said the civil Protection.

The explosion in the plant has made six wounded, including two severely burned, and four others with injuries lighter.

Finally, a person who was working on site is missing, according to the services the regional manager of the Interior.

In a first step, the authorities have asked the population of several nearby towns to shelter in it, but the measure applies only to a few areas in the immediate environment of the industrial park.

“Of the environmental units, which are displaced on-site report that no toxic substance in suspension in the air has not been detected in the area,” said the civil Protection.

The Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sanchez gave the president the regional catalan Quim Torra ” all necessary support “, adding, ” be very attentive to the information that arrives at the fire “.