Taylor Swift, her anorexia : “The photos of the paparazzi have just triggered,”

Taylor Swift has just revealed for the first time that she had suffered from an eating disorder. In his new documentary Netflix, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, of which the first took place at the festival of Sundance on Thursday 23 January 2020, it evokes this part necessarily difficult of his life.

In the film, she explains that the photos of the paparazzitriggered” this eating disorder. “[When I saw] a picture of me where my belly was too big gold that someone had said that I was pregnant, it triggered the desire for me starve a little, to stop eating, “says Taylot Swift. Her disorder, which she does not say the name but that seems to be the anorexia, has become increasingly important in the life of american artist, until this affects its performance in concert.

I thought it was necessary that I feel on the brink of fainting at the end of each concert, or in the middle. Now I realize that if you eat, you have energy, you’re stronger, you can connect the concerts and do not feel fragile, “says Taylor Swift, who is now healed and healthy.