Tensions democrats for their last debate before the primary

Retaining more of their shots, six candidates for the nomination democratic for the us presidential election face off Tuesday night in the last televised debate before the vote expected in the Iowa kick-off of the primary.

While the race had begun with a diversity record among the candidates hoping to challenge the republican Donald Trump in November, all the participants on the board will, for the first time, white.

A fact that was lamented senator Cory Booker just before you throw in the towel on Monday, leaving the race for lack of sufficient funding.

Expected on many subjects, six candidates will be 02: 00 GMT to discuss during the two hours to Des Moines, Iowa: to train us vice-president Joe Biden, the favorite in the national surveys (28% according to RealClearPolitics), the senator independent Bernie Sanders (20%), senator progressive Elizabeth Warren (16%), the ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg (7.5%), senator moderate Amy Klobuchar (3%) and billionaire Tom Steyer (2%).

They will exchange views on tensions with Iran, the global warming, the fight against violence by firearms, the health system…

State rural sparsely populated, the Iowa could have a big influence on the race, democratic party, since it will be the first to vote on 3 February. The polls are extremely tight between four favorites: Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren.

Sanders loose shots

Strong of its proper place in voting intentions and fundraising impressive, in 2019 from its supporters, Bernie Sanders has left this weekend stis reservation in the face of its rivals.

The moderate Joe Biden, his team has been criticized with virulence of his vote in 2002, when he was a senator, to authorize George W. Bush to intervene militarily in Iraq.

And then the temperature is rising between the socialist and Elizabeth Warren, who had maintained until now has front friendly progressive.

Everything started from an article in Politico saying this weekend that the campaign team of Bernie Sanders gave instructed stis volunteers to portray his rival as a candidate of the elites.

“I am disappointed to learn that Bernie sends sti volunteers to get dirty,” responded Elizabeth Warren in front of journalists.

While the atmosphere was already tense, another controversy exploded with an article from CNN.

The chain said that Mr Sanders had said to his rival, that a woman could not win the presidential election against Donald Trump, even though she had to entrust to him, at the end of 2018, she plans to expect.

“Ridiculous,” responded Bernie Sanders. Order Elizabeth Warren has later confirmed this information. “I said that a woman could win, he did not agree,” she said in a statement.

“We are friends and allies for a long time, and I have no doubt that we will continue to work together to beat Donald Trump” on the 3rd of November, she, however, added.

Trump as a spectator

Delighting, apparently, of the situation, Donald Trump has commented on the primary using the nickname, ” Pocahontas “, which he has decked out the senator to make fun of amerindian origins very far away that it has long claimed.

“Everyone knows that his campaign is dead and they want his potential voters “, has tweeted the president.

The leaks are embarrassing in the press to coincide with the new strengthened position of Bernie Sanders in the primary.

Largely spared during the previous debates, the socialist, therefore, could this time be the subject of more criticism and spades of his rivals.

78-year-old, the senator could be attacked on his age and his form, after a heart attack on the 1st of October, in which it is given according to his doctors.

Joe Biden happens to him with the strong support the newly announced, several of the young elected officials who have won in 2018 their mandates in districts republican.

A good point to support his image as a candidate to even win back some voters who had switched in favor of Donald Trump in 2016.

But this veteran of the political 77-year-old also faces doubts about his age and his form, powered by his blunders.

The former right arm of Barack Obama is also seen captivated by the case of the Ukrainian who is Donald Trump a procedure for removal.

Asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter, whom he accusé without evidence of being ” corrupt “, the american president has, however, been able to contribute to strengthen the status of favorite of the former vice-president, in the showing how the candidate he feared the most.