Thailand: "when a tiger hunt the largest cattle in the world

A tiger turning, nose bloodied, around her victim, a gaur, the largest bovine in the world. Video “very rare” has been sensed in a protected area of the east of Thailand, the last refuge for multiple felines in danger of extinction.

“MKM8 “, a tiger male, followed by the world wide Fund for nature (WWF) since 2014, was filmed in late December by a camera-trap near the carcass of the cow wild, covered with scratches and bites to the throat.

“It is very rare to capture on camera a tiger killing a gaur. Even for this animal, kill a gaur is not an easy task, ” noted Rungnapa Phoonjampa of WWF-Thailand.

By monitoring the carcass, the NGO has found that the feline had been able to feed themselves thanks to this prey for two weeks.

Therefore, it is imperative “to advance the number of large ungulates in the habitat areas of the tiger to offer him large amounts of food and help it survive, the organization points out in a press release.

Deforestation, poaching: the number of wild tigers in the Greater Mekong subregion (Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam) has dropped from 1200 individuals in 1998 to 250 today.

The Dawna-Tenasserim, a territory of 30 000 km2, situated between Thailand and Burma, remains one of their last refuges: about 250 tigers in the Greater Mekong, 180 to 220 are refugees, according to the WWF.

The area is home to other rare species like the golden cat and asian the leopard cat.

WWF urges the authorities to implement a plan of action to protect the Dawna-Tenasserim.

He advocates an increase in investment, a better dialogue with the local population, a strengthening of the protection units of the two sides of the border, and greater cooperation to mitigate the negative impacts of infrastructure projects such as roads.