The AirDrop Android name change and should no longer wait too long

Android users should soon have the possibility to easily share files between them without having to install specific application. The Fast Share has recently been renamed as Nearby Sharing and changed the icon, according to XDA who has excavated in the version 20.1.03 of Google Play Services. No matter the name, the principle remains the same : it is to initiate contact by Bluetooth between two devices located within a radius of 30 cm one from the other, so that one can transfer a file (including a big) in the second through the Wi-Fi in local.

The function is embedded in the sharing panel of Android, so there is no need to go through the download of an application. Nearby Sharing looks a lot like AirDrop, with the ability to share content with iOS devices. We will see what it will be when this new feature will be available, which may not be too soon now.

Previously, Android was proposed by the transfer function Beam, ill-suited for files impressive (the NFC being put to work), which has not crossed the threshold of Android 10. As to Fast Share, he would have had to be built to this version of the operating system during sti launch last August, aim, Google clearly has not had the time to fine-tune.

The nature has horror of the vacuum, three manufacturers (Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo) have decided to work together on a system similar transfer within the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance. The results do not meet expectations, according to first tests.

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