The american minister of Justice wants Apple to unlock the iPhone shooter Pensacola

William Barr, the attorney general of the United States (equivalent of the minister of Justice), a request to Apple to unlock both iPhone shooter of Pensacola. By doing this, it is right in step with the FBI, who claimed the same thing of the manufacturer last week (read : The FBI again asks Apple to unlock the iPhone). “The situation illustrates perfectly why it is so important that the public can have access to digital evidence “, has said Barr.

The attorney general calls for Apple and tech companies to find a solution that, in his mind, could no doubt be a back door. What the manufacturers and service providers do not want to hear, the Apple in the first place. William Barr is also concerned that the manufacturer from Cupertino has not provided any “substantial assistance ” in this case.

The Apple, however, is not remained, his arms hanging. It has thus provided all the information that is stored in iCloud she had one Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a member of the saudi army, which was training in the naval base with the us military. The shooting has killed three and wounded eight others, while the author was killed, leaving two iPhone blocked (one of which heavily damaged by the fire).

The U. S. department of Justice has explained that the investigation had a need to retrieve messages from the messaging Signal and WhatsApp used by the shooter. Information that could determine whether he acted alone or if he has benefited from outside help. This reminds me of the last of the shooting of San Bernardino, for which Apple had also refused to unlock the iPhone as a terrorist. The FBI had eventually found a third-party to look through the smartphone.

As for San Bernardino, Apple does not have access to the requests of the FBI and the attorney general to Pensacola, according to sources close to the matter. This will necessarily cause friction with the ministry of Justice, which was clearly the intention of going as far away as possible to force the hand of the manufacturer : in December, William Barr had estimated that to find a way for the security services to gain access to the encrypted information was one of the most important priorities of the ministry.

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