The canadian army uses some of its activities in Iraq

OTTAWA – The canadian army has resumed some of its operations suspended in Iraq in the wake of tensions between the United States and Iran.

“The regular activities of education in Iraq as part of operation IMPACT remain temporarily suspended, a goal that certain activities essential to the mission, such as flight operations and maintenance power, have been resumed”, said the ministry of national Defense in an email.

About 500 canadian troops were until recently in Iraq in two separate missions whose operations have been suspended, there is a little more than a week. Some soldiers have been relocated to Kuwait.

The hostilities between Washington and Tehran are felt in Iraq since the assassination by drone of the general iranian Qassem Soleimani, ordered by the administration to Trump.

The iranian authorities have responded by pulling out a twenty missiles at military bases used by u. s. soldiers. In the hours that followed, the Corps of the Guardians of the islamic revolution shot down by mistake the flight PS752 on which 176 civilians were killed, 57 of Canadians.

The canadian armed Forces say they assessed “case by case” the gradual resumption of their activities in Iraq. The missions are intended to provide training to iraqi soldiers and to counter the activities of militants of the armed group islamic State.

“Considerations relating to the protection of forces remain at the forefront of all the military decisions in the theatre of operations”, said the ministry of Defence.