The enterprise on the basis of the procedure for the removal of Trump hacked by Russian

The Russian were hacked during the fall of the company Ukrainian at the base of the impeachment proceedings american against Donald Trump, at a time when witnesses were interviewed at the Congress on this matter, revealed Monday a company that specializes cited by several american newspapers.

The american president is bogged down in an impeachment process, accusé to have frozen $ 400 million of military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation on its potential rival in the presidential election, Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump says he has nothing to blame himself and says, without evidence, that Joe Biden and his its Hunter are ” corrupt “, especially because the latter was a member of the directorate of Burisma, a group of Ukrainian gas for a time suspected of dubious practices.

It is this group that has been targeted by hackers linked to the Russian military information service (GRU) in the month of November, say the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, based on a report published by a software company in Silicon Valley specializing in the fight against piracy.

According to the company, Area 1, the attack was ” successful “.

The methods used by the hackers would be very similar to those used for the hacking of the emails of senior democrats in the presidential campaign of 2016. These attacks had been attributed to them by the us intelligence agencies in Russia.

On 18 December, Donald Trump has been indicted by the democratic majority of the House of representatives for “abuse of power” and ” an obstacle to the smooth running of the Congress.”

It must now be considered in the Senate, where strong of a republican majority that is currently true, it will most likely be acquitted.