The Epic Games Store has 108 million users, and will still offer games

Box full for Epic. A little over a year after sti opening, theEpic Games Store has 108 million users, said boss Tim Sweeney at GameDaily. This figure corresponds more exactly to the number of accounts Epic Games who have downloaded a game, whether free gold paid, on the computer.

The Epic Games Store has generated in 2019 a turnover of 680 million dollars. The phenomenal Fortnite has represented nearly two-thirds of the revenue. The games of third party publishers, that Epic strives to bring sti platform with advantageous conditions compared to Steam, have generated $ 251 million.

To attract players, in addition to the exclusive temporary as Borderlands 3, the owner of the shop has offered 73 games since its opening — and not of turnips unknown, there have been excellent titles, for some Mac-compatible (Celeste, Oxenfree, Subnautica…). 200 million free copies have been downloaded.

These games offered each week (and even daily during the celebration of the end of the year) were supposed to last only a year, which is the goal of Epic is going to finally continue to make gifts in 2020.

Epic has used Fortnite as a Trojan horse to impose sti platform. On Android, the install Fortnite — passage to enjoy the game which is not available on Google Play — is transformed as if by magic in the application Epic Games last November. Awesome.

This sensational entrance on to the market for the sale of digital titles has the merit to wake up a little Steam, who had fallen asleep on its laurels. Steam that was popularized 15 years ago thanks to a similar strategy on the part of Valve. Remember (if you were on PC), it was necessary to create a Steam account to play Half-Life 2…

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