The FBI was able to bypass the lock iPhone 11 Pro Max in the fall of 2019

A recent investigation conducted by the FBI shows that the federal agency was able to obtain data from an iPhone 11 Pro Max through a third-party tool, such as *Forbes.

Year observation which feeds into questions about the motives of the FBI as well as the administration Trump, which shows a dry cleaning gold threatening vis-à-vis Apple and its refusal to create a back door in the building of the protections of the iPhone.

Has iPhone 11 Pro Max that the FBI would have managed to force the access

The case found by Forbes back in mid-October and involves two brothers, one of whom has fled the United States to the Russian federation, using the identity of the other. The latter has seen sti iPhone 11 Pro Max seized by the FBI.

In the documents provided to the justice, there was mention of a ” USB key containing an analysis of forensic imaging obtained by a device Graykey on an iPhone 12,5 (sic) “. In another document, a photo of the phone from being confiscated by the investigators, the shows locked.

According to the lawyer of the suspect interviewed by Forbes, the phone was actually locked and, to the extent of his knowledge, investigators had no way of knowing the password and they have not asked for, a priori, not more, to his client of the unlock with Face ID. The mention of the use of a GrayKey goes into the meaning of these statements.

The GrayKey of Grayshift is this case is often cited in the company solutions Cellebrite, designed to force the protections of the iPhone. There are no details on what the FBI has obtained data via the GrayKey, but the interesting point is that this analysis has focused on the iPhone and iOS of the latest generation of each.

Feeding the questions on the statements by the FBI and the u. s. Department of Justice that ensure to have exhausted all solutions to unlock the iPhone 5, and 7 of the shooter in Pensacola. Does it really a technical hurdle in this other case — the iPhone 7 has been damaged by a shot of its owner — or is it a view, motivated for political reasons in order to relaunch the debate on the need for the police to have backdoors.

In this context, the democratic senator Wyden asked the Justice Department to explain more about the reasons for the request, as soon as the authorities seem to be able to force iPhone a lot more recent.

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