The first stable version of Edge (Chromium) is available

It is not every day that one wait for the launch of a new web browser, so let’s not spoil our fun (or do against bad fortune good heart) : as promised by Microsoft, the new browser Edge with engine Chromium is now available in its first stable version for Windows (7/8/8.1 and 10) and macOS.

This new browser is not really, Edge being the default browser of Windows 10. Purpose Microsoft has decided to put everything back on in December 2018 : the editor changes the engine EdgeHTML by Chromium, the same that beats under the hood of Chrome (read : How Microsoft decided to use Chromium to the new Edge). Objective : open all the doors and windows of a browser that otherwise would have remained in the second division.

Since then, we’ve had a whole cycle of beta versions, with the key to millions of downloads registered by Microsoft. Today, finished the tests and experiments, this is the first stable version of the browser that the general public can install on their computers.

The home page Informative, pretty crowded I must say.

At first startup, the browser offers to recover the bookmarks, history and the data auto-fill from Chrome (it is possible to start from scratch). Three appearances are then proposed : Artistic, Informative, or even Minimalist in terms of what you want to see the launch of the software.

Microsoft announces the color right after the installation : Edge offers many privacy settings and management of the tracing advertising, while providing a tool for protection against phishing and malicious websites. We do not forget we do the article on the performance, personalization (Edge is compatible with the extensions in the Chrome Web Store), as well as with the integration to the Microsoft eco-system. The publisher dangled to soon have a system of collections to collect, organize, and share web content to Office.

For businesses, the Edge comes with an Explorer-like mode to continue to have access to resources that have not been updated since the glorious time where Microsoft completely dominated the surfing the internet. In regards to the navigation, it is very close to what we know with Chromium, including at the level of the interface.

Edge Chromium does not seem to be a bad bugger after a few minutes of testing, and Microsoft will certainly have a lot invested (and the company continuing to do) to enhance the experience and features of its browser, also available on iOS and Android.

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