The iPhone, in turn, can serve as a security key to connect to Google

Google proposes to use year Android smartphone as a security key to connect to its services. This is exactly the same principle as the key to physical security, such as Yubikeys, which act as a second factor for the sites and services that support them, instead of a SMS gold code generated by an app. Instead of buying another product, a smartphone may do the trick.

This function is not only for Android devices : the iPhone can now benefit from them also. The latest version of the app Google Smart Lock operates theenclave secure this in all the iPhone since the 5S to store the login information without risk. Once the configuration is done, your iPhone may identify Bluetooth as a security key, and unlock the access to your Google account.

The iPad sends a connection request to the iPhone situated in close proximity, it displays a notification which will open the app of Google to validate gold reject the application.

This is the main limit of this solution, compared to the key dedicated to it, it only works to strengthen the security of your connection to the Google account used during the configuration. On the other hand, it works everywhere, on computers as well as on all smartphones and all tablets. For computers, it is absolutely necessary to use Chrome to take advantage of the function.

On an iPad, you will need to install the app Google Smart Lock, and it will be the link with the enclave and secure your iPhone. The app will also link with the browser of your choice to pass the validation, including with Safari if you want to use it.

This system is more simple on a computer, since everything is done between Chrome and Google’s Smart Lock installed on the iPhone. If you rely heavily on the ecosystem of Google, this solution may be interesting, if not as universal as the key generic safety. Which, moreover, are better supported with iOS 13.3.

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