The option eSIM for smartphones appears at SFR

SFR is preparing for the launch of his option eSIM for smartphones. It is among the choices when ordering a new SIM. Either one asks for a physical version gold opt for the digital version. It is 10 € in both cases, as in Orange. SFR already operates the eSIM for the Apple Watch, he lacked the equivalent for smartphones.

We have obtained this choice from an account SFR RED. For the moment we cannot go further, the validation leads to a 404. Even punishment, when it asks for the list of compatible smartphones, which should logically include the latest Galaxy S10 and the iPhone from the XR and XS.

Failing to be able to carry out the command, it is explained that the activation will be done in the space of an hour, and the obtaining the profile eSIM is like in Orange, by scanning a QR code.

To follow certainly in the day.

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