The parasitic royal

The canadian government has not yet decided if the safety of mr. Harry Windsor, called prince Harry, and his wife, mrs. Meghan Markle, known as duchess of Sussex, was to be or not assumed by the taxpayers of canada, if they settled in Canada.

The answer is simple : the royal couple should not receive a penny of public money.

Although the british queen is queen of Canada and while the taxpayers pay for the maintenance of the governor-general and lieutenant-governors, absolutely nothing obliged the canadian government to meet the needs of members of the royal family who would be boned here.

On the contrary.

That Canada’s countries for visits to the offspring of the royal arrive for an official visit, can be understood in so far as these people are also the official representatives of the british government.

But if they want to establish themselves here, they should go through canadian government departments and apply for immigration like anyone else. After all, doesn’t seek not to lead a life more normal than that of the british Court ? It is very likely that their application would be welcomed.

If the Canadians and the Quebecois pay for the expenses of these children to the royal, which, moreover, are only the sixth pretenders to the throne, what would prevent other children royal receive the same treatment ?

Of the rest, the british royal family is a multi-billion dollar business. Harry Windsor would be entitled to 5% of the income of the family. It has enough to pay for its own costs of stay in Canada.

It should also ensure that these royal pay their taxes, and their taxes in Canada if they decided to settle there.

By-also, it would be especially ludicrous and anti-democratic that Harry Windsor is appointed governor general of Canada, as some evoke.

The gesture would be to adopt formally the Canada of a royal family that canadian taxpayers should probably then maintain it for generations to come.

Welcome to the new british immigrants, but not as a parasite queen.