The removal of Donald Trump: a procedure soporific?

It has already been told many times that Donald Trump is only the third president in all american history to be subjected to all the procedure of removal.

So we are on the brink of a historical moment, while the senators will be called to vote. However, the outcome of the trial seems so certain that one does not feel real fervor within the american population.

Republicans influential as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have already announced their color: the procedure will be brief and Donald Trump will not be removed. If we already know the punch of this movie, is that it is well worth the listen?

In one camp as in the other, one scrap less to influence the final decision as to influence public opinion. The speaker democrat Nancy Pelosi clings to some polls favorable to the orient sti strategy and hope that this episode will not be forgotten the 3 November when the Americans present themselves to the polls.

Le président américain Donald Trump


Even if the scenario seems to be agreed, a few surprises are still possible. For it to become reality, it would be necessary, however, that a small group of republicans defies the authority of Mitch McConnell and that it stores temporarily on the side of the democrats.

The Senate must soon vote to determine whether he will hear new evidence during the trial. Mitch McConnell’s take on it, and Donald Trump still denied to his bodyguard to testify. Despite the instructions of the president, at least one form administration has expressed the desire to speak, John Bolton.

To the Senate and the whole of the american population is able to hear witnesses of the dealings between the administration Trump and the Ukrainian leaders, he would have to rely on defections republican, and argues that Susan Collins and Mitt Romney have already approached their republican colleagues on the subject. Alone, Collins and Romney cannot reverse the course of things, it would be necessary to booster at least two other republicans.

If new evidence allowed them to preserve even a little of the alleged unbiased nature of the procedure, there is nothing to say that they would ultimately count the votes. Who says that John Bolton, for example, incriminerait his form boss?

If more democrats see these new testimonials with a good eye, it is that they hope that new information in the file Ukrainian may be exposed to the public. Lev Parnas, training associate of Rudy Giuliani, who has-been’s arrested at the end of 2019, would hold information incriminating that it has recently agreed to share with the investigators.

It should be noted in passing that not all the democrats who wish the trial in the Senate drags on. For many of them, the procedure of impeachment is already a lot too much shade to the nomination race and unnecessarily diverts the attention. The last discussion with the first vote takes place this evening and we would like to ensure that the caucus and primary of the month of February benefit from a wider media coverage.

This is where we are. Are you excited at the idea of living at a distance this time in history? I’m not half-way. If I have already said several times that the current president has done everything to deserve a dismissal, the lack of suspense and the character strictly in favour of the operation result in my interest to decline. I’ll be at the rendez-vous, but not necessarily sitting at the edge of my seat.