The requirements of the opioid Tramadol limited to 3 months

The national security Agency of medicines and health products (NASM) has taken the decision to restrict the issuance of analgesic drugs containing tramadol. As of April 15, 2020, the maximum period of limitation will increase from 12 to 3 months. Beyond these 3 months, the patient being treated will need to do to renew her prescription by her doctor.

In a press release published on Thursday, January 16, the Agency indicates that this decision is inscribed in the continuity of a study conducted in February 2019 to measure the consumption ofanalgesic opioids in France. The objective is to limit the risks of addiction and overdose related to consumption, uncontrolled of the analgesic-based opiate.

Tramadol, an opioid addictive

Tramadol is the first analgesic opioid used in France to treat bread. A drug whose use has become commonplace, even if it can only be obtained on medical prescription. As a result, the bad uses of this derivative of opiates are more common. Several investigations agencies of vigilance and addiction have shown the dangerousness of this medicine.

In 2018, the tramadol is the first analgesic opioid plebiscité by the users of drugs. This is the second analgesic most commonly found on the prescription forgeries presented in a pharmacy, behind the drugs codeine. Sad fact : tramadol is now, before the morphine, the first drug involved in deaths related to the use of painkillers.

The magnitude of the problem is without comparison with the crisis of opiate in the United States, a goal wide enough to sharpen the vigilance of the decision-makers, health English.


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Raise awareness among health professionals and patients

In spite of these drifts, the NASM does not prohibit the use of this drug, which is useful in many cases to treat bread. She encouraged health professionals to remain vigilant regarding the early signs of addiction when prescribing gold issuing drugs containing tramadol. As a reminder :

  • Tramadol should not be prescribed for migraine headaches, order only in the case of moderate pain to severe. It exposed them to the risk of seizures.

  • In the case of a patient is accustomed to the drug, the dosage should be gradually reduced before stopping treatment to avoid a withdrawal syndrome.

  • To limit the risk of dependence, it must be prescribed for the shortest possible duration in the smallest packages, better suited to prescription.

Theaddiction to tramadol is pernicious and can happen quickly, without even realizing it. However, the risk of death by overdose of tramadol is for real, and too many of the users unaware of the consequences. The MAN, therefore, is to clarify a few rules of use :

  • Limit yourself strictly to the dosage and duration of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

  • If the tramadol does not calm enough gold fast bread, see your doctor again. Do not take the decision of increasing your dose alone.

  • Do not take the decision to suddenly stop your treatment. Take advice from your doctor or your pharmacist who will accompany you in a withdrawal progressive.

To report any adverse effects, abuse, dependence, or abuse related to the tramadol, to give the alarm on

If you have questions about the risks of tramadol, check with your doctor, pharmacist, or the center of addictovigilance in your area.

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