The “Spiderman” French climbing a tower, to support the strikers

Alain Robert, “Spiderman” French, climbed with bare hands Monday morning the tower Total Defense business district near Paris, in support of the strike against pension reform, has found an AFP journalist.

“People are already 40 years to go to the coal, often to a job they don’t like. We want to continue to live a decent life,” explained Alain Robert before the start of the climbing.

The climber is 57 years old, specialist in climbing skyscrapers, began around 10: 30 am the ascension of the 187 meters of the Total tower before reaching the top 52 minutes later.

Le «Spiderman» français escalade une tour en soutien aux grévistes

“It was very cold, I felt the tip of my fingers, it was difficult. And then I no longer have the same strength as it was 20 years ago!”, he joked at the end of his ascent, before being taken away by the police.

Through this feat, Alain Robert has wanted to show his support for the strike against the retirement reform, a “battle” that it deems “legitimate”.

Le «Spiderman» français escalade une tour en soutien aux grévistes

“At age 57, I’m not technically far from retirement. And my only way of earning money, it is to climb. Is it going to take me to continued to climb solo up to 64? Or 67 years?”, he asked ironically.

As usual, this specialist of the solo full climbed with bare hands, without insurance, under the amazed eyes of a few passers-by.

Le «Spiderman» français escalade une tour en soutien aux grévistes

In August, it had climbed up the 68 floors of the Cheung Kong Center, in Hong Kong, to unfurl a banner for peace between China and the ex-colony of britain, in full political crisis.

In 2015, his climbing of the tower, Engie, already to the Defence, was intended to advocate for “a banking system more transparent”.