The vegan: the time of the hypocrites

Each era has its right-minded, beautiful souls ready to strut for a good cause, even if it has no chance of being realised. 40 years ago, it was nuclear disarmament. Today it is the veganism. Militant vegans come to disrupt the meals of guests at the restaurant Joe Beef, their shoutings not to eat meat.

The same group of activists, vegans of the Direct Action Everywhere had already manifested mainly in English in front of the counter of meats from Costco to the Central Market in Montreal. Their leader, Len Goldberg, was put online a video broadcast on TVA nouvelles. The site Facebook Live-Action Montreal also shows the disruption that they conducted in early December in a barn in Saint-Hyacinthe, asking to send money: “Help fund a documentary on the repression of animal rights activists in Canada”. The English-speaking group is interested in the rights of animals, purpose manifested the most profound contempt for the French-speaking majority of Quebec. It is well them!

These activists seem to have a similar profile petit-bourgeois anglo, which makes me suspect that this group is an offshoot of an organization in ontario that had performed the same action in a restaurant of Toronto to be attended also by Goldberg in April 2018. Joe Beef is a restaurant of reference for the anglos, that is why it was targeted.

Ok boys, here is what I think of your veganism facade. Someone you will translate my words in English. First, to simplify vegetarian, vegan, vegan, I put them all in the same basket. The vegan waive the right to consume any product that comes from the death or exploitation of an animal for reasons that are mostly ethical. Not only do they practice their asceticism food, they want to impose it on the entire planet, referring to justified reasons of health and environmental. It all leads to the most fanatical to require that animals have the same status as humans. Normal : a beast is well worth another.

The vegans exclude from their menu, in addition to meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal ingredients. The most orthodox eat no processed foods using animal products, like refined white sugar and some wines. Many of them broaden even more the definition of vegetarianism beyond the simple food. Vegans exalted avoid the use of all non-food products of animal origin, such as leather, fur, and even wool.

Now, back to our vegan canada-quebec. I ask these people… uh pardon my vocabulary spéciste… these living beings to be faithful to their beliefs : they should abstain henceforth from taking any medication and also to refrain from all medical care. Hundreds of millions of animals have been sacrificed and are still sacrificed in order to develop, often in atrocious conditions.

In principle, our vegans should oppose what their old father is made to engraft a cardiac valve derived from tissue taken from a pig. If they are consistent, they will also deny medical treatment to their children because they have been developed using guinea pigs in large numbers, subjected to the tortures of hell. Are they going to chant the medicine is not health, it is violence? Sick, will they refuse to go to the hospital? Destroy their medicare card based on this reality, abject.

Like me, you know that the vegan will not. It would be impossible to live in society by adhering strictly to their beliefs.

What they really want is to parade their superiority ethics as a hypocritical, without assuming any consequences. They are happy to be vegan in nature.

The vegans want to live in a world without cruelty to animals, but they seem indifferent to the plight of millions of humans who suffer the cruelties unclean everywhere on earth. Humans who kill other human beings leaves them cold.

Be more moved by the cruelty to animals as to humans. A trait that seems to characterize our age.